staying UP

i am so tired, i am about to fall out. you'd be Amazed how tired doing damn near NOTHING all day can make you. with Josh out of town for a week, my unemployment in the air, and my car on the fritz (all settled now). but i've been up, as in awake, far too much in the last few days. saturday, i could not sleep. i think i finally fell out at about 3.30am- and then was awakened by a very vocal murder of crows between my house and the church at 8am. last night, i stayed up with Josh until 2 or 2.30, and then got a million phone calls this morning (by which i mean three) and the damn crows were back. i'm tired. i will require a nap.

i am still on this staying positive vibe, and it seems to be working at least a little. i got an unemployment check for week before last and was able to certify for last week- i assume that means everything has been cleared up, and i've not heard otherwise. Josh made it home safely, and my car is still fine.

i emailed the lady about that job, and she said they've not made a decision yet, and hope to do so soon. i choose to look at this in a good light- if i weren't a contender, she would have cut me loose. so everyone keep those fingers crossed for that one!

the girls and i continue to work on the show, and have gotten some great momentum. the characters are fanned out, and we're getting the writing done. i've been working on the myspace pages quite a bit, and i think they look right Fancy!

monday is a busy day for me, even without a job. most jobs are posted online on mondays, since most people get fired on fridays (i didn't- haha, i just realised that. that's funny!). i also post on craigslist and email all of the staffing agencies or people upon whom i've stumbled for a lead. then to the gym. that's a busy day for me, considering most days the Only place i go is the gym. i've been there almost every day for a while now- gotten to the point where i have to make myself take a day off. could be worse!

and check this out- i present to everyone the newest fancy fat cat move- cat comma!!

she's the best.


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