update- and some moderately good news, no less

i've managed to procure letters explaining that i have not been hired from all parties necessary, and had them sent to the TN dept of labor. hopefully, this will clear everything up and we can get back on track here. yay!

Sophia, my car, has been acting up for a few days- at first i thought it was because of the very cold weather last weekend and early this week (and the high here tomorrow is due to only be 28 degrees- yow!). i knew it had something to do with the transmission, because my car did not want to shift from third to fourth gear. it reared at around 3500 rpms. i am due for an oil change soon, so i decided to see if it got better when it warmed up to forty today. it didn't. i was worried about it, obviously, because transmission stuff can get really expensive (ask Josh about his old car, El Fuego, you would not believe). expensive transmission stuff + unemployed = no good. so, i've only been driving places i have to go (namely, the gym and the grocery). however, i had to do some laundry today and figured Mom's house was close enough to make and the risk of it was outweighed by my overall lack of clean underwear (i'm SURE you all wanted to hear that). i also realized i had to take back the movies Erin and i watched during her visit ('shallow grave,' an oldy but goldy, Danny Boyle's first film, and 'eastern promises,' the new one about russian mafia, it was Great, but rather violent fyi). so i dropped off the laundry and headed to the video store. when i pulled out, the car lurched- not good. down the road, at the same time, the engine light came on, and the phone rang. Mom was calling to tell me that there was a PUDDLE of some manner of car fluid in her driveway from where i stopped to take in the clothes. i stopped at a valvoline station immediately. and what do you know? the problem was something very small- the seal on the cap of the transmission fluid wasn't working properly, and the fluid was just low because the pressure of the engine had shot it out through the not sealed seal. they fixed it. and filled up my transmission fluid- for FREE! hallelujah! Sophia is back to herself!

i'm going in (in the proverbial sense, not literally, i've literally gone in twice) for that job i want TOMORROW- so good vibes, everyone, please!


in other news, catballing continues.


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