i am a wardrobe stylist, fashion editor and image consultant. view my professional portfolio at http://www.cicileyhoffman.com.

this is my blog. i love fashion, music, poetry, art, and reading. i move furniture when my heart breaks. i love to exercise and explore. i love blurred lines and learning about my ancestors.

i have been called a strange bird all my life, due in no small part to my being a girl who loves heat but not sun, bright walls in the darkness, m and terminator 2 as much as the city of lost children, alexander mcqueen the most, and lyle lovett as much as tori amos, big mama thornton, and don giovanni.

i live my small life in relative happiness, fifty feet off the ground in wonderful company and with a sweet cat. i design. i sew. i repeat.

let us hope i live up to my potential.