some social media concerns...

as a person who owns her own business, social media has become part and parcel of finding work and retaining clients. however, i wonder whether i am alone in thinking how Frustrating it can be to keep it all handled? not to mention that i feel one has to have a place in each platform currently, in this department, i have...

business website
business facebook profile
business facebook page
personal facebook profile (which i prefer not to link here, but we can be friends if you like)
business tumblr
business blogger (you're lookin' at it!)
personal about me
business about me
examiner page (i write for this online magazine)
model mayhem
etsy shop (for the rare occasion where i'm willing to sell some vintage goodies)
a google plus, which i simply do not use, and don't bother honking with
and a linked in (which i basically Never use and strongly dislike- it's bulky and useless)

i cannot stand tumblr. it feels like post vomit to me, and i find both the mobile and desktop interfaces counterintuitive and annoying. however, it easily posts instagram pictures. that i like because it updates that blog more often (because i like instagram and use it often, and i find it a better platform for someone in the fashion industry, OOTDs, etc), and it connects to my business facebook profile, which in turn connects to my twitter. confused yet? i sure am.
and i've even worked as a social media manager!

what do you think? anyhoo, holler if you're on any of these platforms, i'd love to say hi :)




busy, busy bee...

hello, lovelies...

i know i've said before that i've been too busy to write, but i just keep getting busier and busier!! i'm thankful for all the work and inspiration and everything. believe me when i say busier than Ever- since this May, i have been to baltimore, providence, boston, mystic, philadelphia, newark, pittsburg, and new york. goll-lly, y'all! and i still haven't posted the long entry i owe you about my trip to pakistan.

i've missed you. i'm dying to hear what you've been doing. let me know!

here's some of what i have been up to... i can't share everything, as you know, but i'm proud to report my work on...

short film, Sorry About Tomorrow

this is another film i made with the fabulous Motke Dapp of Paper Ghost Pictures. long story short, it's about time travel and that which we unexpect ;) i will post the whole film as soon as i can. here's some BTS and one screen shot.

artist image consulting with Holland Marie

Holland Marie is a ridiculously talented singer/songwriter i have had the honor of working with recently. she's got a bluesy, country sound with some ass kickin' mixed in. she is working on a new record funded by a successful kickstarter and her electric, engaging personality. check her out! i cannot wait to see the shots from her last photo shoot. she's fabulous!

i didn't style this shoot, but Look at Her!!

Dangerous Pet

i teamed up with my fave photog Chad McClarnon again for a video shoot for an Uncle Skeleton track, as yet unreleased. also got to work with a ridiculously fabulous swimwear designer, AhmaZing! 
here are a few stills from this fabu shoot! again, will post vid asap... other talent here was Barton Beyer and Ana Liza Whitman on makeup and hair (like i said, amazing!!)

just a bit of what i've been doing! :) don't forget to say hey...

tell me what y'all have been doing. big love!



style keeps moving...

hi, lovelies!
once again, i'm slow to update this blog. i've been spending much more time on instagram, pinterest, and tumblr. if you are there, please say hello!

i'm back from the epic pakistan trip and Will be writing a long blog post about it soon. currently styling clients for Nashville Fashion Week.
hope you are all well, warm, and happy.

much love,



out with the old

stepping into 2013... (shot by Kris D'Amico)

well, lovelies, here comes 2013! this past year has been a huge one at mode. we had films in more festivals than ever, won awards, wrote many articles, made new friends, and helped a lot of clients with some Style.

highlights for me this year personally include my work on "Lime and Davenport,"

best costumes, best makeup, best fantasy, best actress, and an audience fave

2012 to 1903 in moments flat, Tandem Bike Productions

Wanderlust gems
Lisa Frank style, y'all.
award show dressing (all very hushhush!), and continued one-on-one personal image consulting. it's so rewarding to help people envision and realize their own mode of fashion (see what i did there?).

personally, the continued support and love of the wonderful people in my life continue to be the awe of the human experience to me. being a person is an odd but sensational existence.
i'm also thrilled that both my sister-in-law and sister are pregnant (my sister with twins, no less!), as well as one of my best friends. this new year will be a special one indeed.

find mode. on facebook, twitter, pinterest, and instagram @modestyling. do say hi. we love you and your style!

tell me what you're up to and what the new year will bring for you...

much love,


varoeldur and "Lime and Davenport"

oh, goodness, it's been so long since i've written, lovelies, i'm sorry. there's been so much going on!

i've just gotten the final cut of a video i costumed for a Sigur Ros contest, based on facebook and twitter votes. we worked on the song varoeldur.you can see it here: please vote for us and share with your friends!! you can vote once through your twitter and once through your facebook ;) as the director said, "Varoeldur strikes the note of a funeral dirge, but with a note of hopefulness. Here, we see a funeral procession in reverse, highlighting the longing for death to be unmade."

let me know what you think!

additionally, The Many Monsters of Sadness, which premiered at the Nashville Film Festival is also an official selection of the Cincinnati Film Festival and the Louisville Film Festival. i am so thrilled! if you're in the area, please stop by and say hi!

i also worked on a film by Paper Ghost Pictures called, "Lime and Davenport" for which i won best costume award due to the high number of changes and their accuracy. this film also won an audience award, best makeup, best in genre, and best actress. if you'd like to see it, message me at mode@cicileyhoffman.com for the password ;)

oh, i missed you! tell me what you are doing!




holy moly!
i know i've been remiss in posting, lovelies, so so sorry. i've been so busy with projects, reading scripts, and unfortunately, a death in the family.

however, there are wonderful things happening. for one, "without" will be showing at the San Antonio Film Festival this year!
this is so exciting, especially on the heels of films in the Nashville Film Festival and the Phoenix Film Festival. yay! shout out to all my Texas lovelies. "without" screens learn more about the festival here! hope you can make it! here's the trailer again...

let me know what you've been doing! don't forget, you can find mode. on facebook, twitter, and pinterest.