busy, busy bee...

hello, lovelies...

i know i've said before that i've been too busy to write, but i just keep getting busier and busier!! i'm thankful for all the work and inspiration and everything. believe me when i say busier than Ever- since this May, i have been to baltimore, providence, boston, mystic, philadelphia, newark, pittsburg, and new york. goll-lly, y'all! and i still haven't posted the long entry i owe you about my trip to pakistan.

i've missed you. i'm dying to hear what you've been doing. let me know!

here's some of what i have been up to... i can't share everything, as you know, but i'm proud to report my work on...

short film, Sorry About Tomorrow

this is another film i made with the fabulous Motke Dapp of Paper Ghost Pictures. long story short, it's about time travel and that which we unexpect ;) i will post the whole film as soon as i can. here's some BTS and one screen shot.

artist image consulting with Holland Marie

Holland Marie is a ridiculously talented singer/songwriter i have had the honor of working with recently. she's got a bluesy, country sound with some ass kickin' mixed in. she is working on a new record funded by a successful kickstarter and her electric, engaging personality. check her out! i cannot wait to see the shots from her last photo shoot. she's fabulous!

i didn't style this shoot, but Look at Her!!

Dangerous Pet

i teamed up with my fave photog Chad McClarnon again for a video shoot for an Uncle Skeleton track, as yet unreleased. also got to work with a ridiculously fabulous swimwear designer, AhmaZing! 
here are a few stills from this fabu shoot! again, will post vid asap... other talent here was Barton Beyer and Ana Liza Whitman on makeup and hair (like i said, amazing!!)

just a bit of what i've been doing! :) don't forget to say hey...

tell me what y'all have been doing. big love!



Courtney Erin said...

Wow, you seem to have a ton of stuff on the go...that's pretty impressive!

Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

Melanie said...

Just came across your blog and love it. New follower!


Sakuranko said...

Ow wow your looks really busy dear,
Now I´m following you in GFC and Bloglovin`I hope your follow me back in both!


Sandy Joe said...

Nothing I love more than classic road trip photographs! I hope you share the video when it's out.

x The Pretty Secrets