some social media concerns...

as a person who owns her own business, social media has become part and parcel of finding work and retaining clients. however, i wonder whether i am alone in thinking how Frustrating it can be to keep it all handled? not to mention that i feel one has to have a place in each platform currently, in this department, i have...

business website
business facebook profile
business facebook page
personal facebook profile (which i prefer not to link here, but we can be friends if you like)
business tumblr
business blogger (you're lookin' at it!)
personal about me
business about me
examiner page (i write for this online magazine)
model mayhem
etsy shop (for the rare occasion where i'm willing to sell some vintage goodies)
a google plus, which i simply do not use, and don't bother honking with
and a linked in (which i basically Never use and strongly dislike- it's bulky and useless)

i cannot stand tumblr. it feels like post vomit to me, and i find both the mobile and desktop interfaces counterintuitive and annoying. however, it easily posts instagram pictures. that i like because it updates that blog more often (because i like instagram and use it often, and i find it a better platform for someone in the fashion industry, OOTDs, etc), and it connects to my business facebook profile, which in turn connects to my twitter. confused yet? i sure am.
and i've even worked as a social media manager!

what do you think? anyhoo, holler if you're on any of these platforms, i'd love to say hi :)



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Cee said...

Social media is like anything - you have to find the parts of it that work for you and stick to them, and try not to feel pressure to use sites that don't work for you. It took me a long time to come around to Tumblr - I still don't enjoy reading them but I find that they are a nice place to store inspirations in a slightly prettier way than on Pinterest.