holy moly!
i know i've been remiss in posting, lovelies, so so sorry. i've been so busy with projects, reading scripts, and unfortunately, a death in the family.

however, there are wonderful things happening. for one, "without" will be showing at the San Antonio Film Festival this year!
this is so exciting, especially on the heels of films in the Nashville Film Festival and the Phoenix Film Festival. yay! shout out to all my Texas lovelies. "without" screens learn more about the festival here! hope you can make it! here's the trailer again...

let me know what you've been doing! don't forget, you can find mode. on facebook, twitter, and pinterest.


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What a long time without you, my wonderful Mode. I am so sorry to know about the death in your family, but I am also very glad for your good news.
I am off to check your pinterest.
Do keep in contact from now on.
Much love always.