my brother's wedding

we got pictures back! yay! 

i do not think i have ever had so much fun in all my life as i did at my brother's wedding. everyone was beautiful, happy to be there, and it was a gorgeous day. 

here's a shot of my bridesmaid's dress going down the aisle, accompanied by the very steady and handsome Roux (guess who the crier was during the ceremony? ME. nice.) who had to keep me from falling.

i love this dress. the bride did such a great job picking them out. the color was so pretty (teaberry) and the waist detailing matched the tea length detailing on her dress. here's a shot of the back.

so pretty! and it was very comfortable. we also had handmade jewelry courtesy of m. florita jewelry. she made necklaces and earrings for the bride, bridesmaids, and flower girls!

look how sweet and happy they are! 


here's the front of her dress and the ladies. yes, TEN bridesmaids. and one was 8 months pregnant!

you can see her feathers better in this one and also the detailing on her dress that matched that of the bridesmaids' dresses. 

my mom and brother danced to Thriller for their mother son dance. seriously. it was Awesome.

that's how we roll.

we had so much fun. there was dancing, eating, drinking, friends, family, and all. i cannot tell you how wonderful it was.

what a night!


lady sélénite said...

You're gorgeous ! What a happy wedding ! I wish them a life of happiness !

mode. said...

thank you!

Louise said...

What a gorgeous wedding! I love the colors!

Tiffany said...

Aw looks like you guys had a blast ! That color (tenerry? Love it) looks great on you. I'd definitely rewear that dress again.

Anonymous said...

You all looked so pretty and I love that plum colour on you. The bride looked magnificent ....I wish your brother and his wife a very very happy life together.

Love from Toronto, Canada

P.S: I wanted to thank you once again for responding to the thread I started on IFB. It was really really awesome to be able to hear your story and I would urge you to share this little thread with other like minded people you may know, so that we can hear more stories. Thank you so much. :)

Lee said...

I love the bridesmaid dresses! Everyone looks stunning. I bet it was a great time. Congrats to the bride and groom :).

About the watch- yeah I'm not a fan of gold but when I saw the rose gold in person it looked so unique. I just have to have it.

Brittany said...

Great photos! Definitely looked like a blast :) thanks for your comment!

Vanessa said...

Beautiful photos! I love the black and white sparkler one at the end of the post. Congrats to your brother and your family!
And, I love the color description of the bridesmaid's dresses as 'teaberry.' That's perfect!
Thanks for visiting my blog earlier!


Erin said...

WOW, what great pictures! I love the one of you and the Bunny; with your knowing eyes, it has a Samantha-and-Darren of Bewitched sort of look.

Marina said...

You all looked so pretty !!!
great pics!!!

thanks for visiting my blog !!!

xx Marina

Béracha said...

Ah, that dress looks lovely on you!

Jan said...

Ah thanks for your lovely comment,
and what a beautifull dresses!