closet challenge moves along...

day 41
still not cold. what on earth is going on?
express top, massino mary janes, vintage black and silver half moons.

day 42- red ruffles
i'm glad i keep at sweater at work, because this top is a little too chesty. i love the peek out red, and it made it a little more conservative. worn it with black wedges. and i keep forgetting to include my bags in my shots- sorry!

day 43
this is the most oddly shaped top i own, and i adore it. it's flouncy on top and then fitted to rest just around your hips. it does make me look at little bigger than i am, and my bunny doesn't much care for it, but it's so unique, i adore it. and the color, too! this pic is a little dark, but it's a deep blue like i love. and Betty Boop purse and red rockin' cowgirl boots.

day 44
Marilyn Monroe t-shirt- i absolutely adore this top. you can't go wrong with the queen.

 i even used it on a photo shoot i styled!


Louise said...

You are doing a wonderful job on the closet challenge! I especially like that first outfit. Too cute.

ABIGAIL NY said...

Lovely t-shirts, love the one in the first image so much!


zoelovefashion said...

thanks for your lovely comment !
You follow me and i follow you?

Kirstin said...

Hi! Your outfits are really cute. I love that photo of the shoot you styled! Thanks for the comment!! :)

Will you follow me, and I will follow back?

~Kirstin Marie


ching said...

wow you are able to do a challenge.. i always have difficulty completing those.haha

Anonymous said...

You are doing a good job on your closet challenge, I can never do such a thing!!! I salute those who did it!!

Ali said...

That last picture is way cool. :D I love your marilyn monroe shirt and your red ruffles, you're so adorable! :D

Bella said...

If I took on the challenge of wearing whatever I had in my closet without repetitions, I'm afraid I'd be done in less than two weeks! Love that Marilyn tshirt!

minnja said...

So lovely!



zoelovefashion said...

thanks for your comment!


zoelovefashion said...

Jij bent toch styliste of niet?
Welke opleidng heb je daarvoor gevolgd? Ik wil namelijk ook graag mode stylist worden!

p.s ik volg je nu ook !

Voni W said...

heya thanks for the comment on my blog!
Your marilyn t-shirt is too cute!
So you're a stylist, that must be sooo cool, i'd love to do that one day
VW x


Hey girl, thanks so much for checking out my blog!! I am loving this challenge you set up - what a BRAVE SOUL you are :)

Both you and the girl you styled look amazing in that Marilyn tee!!

Justine Guy said...

I love the first shirt! thanks for stopping by my blog :)

lady sélénite said...

The the dark blue top !


Beatlovingmusic said...

Like the first top!

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

Thank you so much for the comment ^_^


Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

love the first blouse x hivennn.

Emmett Katherine said...

Love the t-shirt :)

~Em K

Playing Hooksies said...

Love the polka dotted bag in the last photo!