do you want the truth or something beautiful?

in this case, i'll take the beauty.

for those of you who don't know, this is Paloma Faith. she's my newest style icon. LOVE HER. she is  a British actress and singer/songwriter, who's first album Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? came out earlier this year. not only is she an absolute doll, with quirky dark carnival style that i love.. 

her album ROCKS. it's freakin' awesome. you might recognize one track "stone cold sober" as used by Rimmel London in a few commercials. and you may recognize her as Sally in The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, the devil's girlfriend- and even cooler if you haven't seen it, the devil is played by none other than Tom Waits, another on my very short list of faves.

she's beautiful, talented, smart, and witty. Tim Burton would love this girl.

we all know i adore a redhead.

she rocks retro looks, statement hats, and Westwood shoes. even love the font in on this. and she loves balloons!

and yes. this is a mirror dress. amazing.


Lee said...

I love British singers. It's so soulful. She's beautiful!


Alice said...

Hi there! Thanks for the nice comment. You're so kind! It's a lovely Blog you have here. Follow you now. Follow me back? xx, Alice :)

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful. Just love the mirror dress, absolutely amazing.

Anonymous said...

I want red hair!



lady sélénite said...

Well, I want to discover Paloma Faith now, I'm gonna check it out. You know, I'm a huuuuuge fan of Tom Waits too, for me he's an incredible poet and a great musician, and I don't forget his wife Katlin Brennan, without her, there wouldn't be Tom Waits !

Anonymous said...

WOoooow Thanks for introducing us to her She does look like a strong and independent woman with a devil may care attitude. I am going to go look up everything about her right now. And how gorgeous and genius is that mirror dress.

Love from Toronto, Canada

Anonymous said...

She is pretty, I havent heard anything about her yet here in Us, but I'm going to check her out.
Now following

Loonaa said...

this golden dress is insane

love ur blog

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely post - I too love Paloma, and I'm pretty obsessed with red hair!!

Sarah x


Style Maniac said...

style icon, indeed. fabulous.