happy hallowe'en!

happy Hallowe'en! party on!

jumping ahead for the holiday... i know, i know.  i promise to catch up. it's a two day affair for me- these are actually my outfits for 10/29 and 10/30 (days 59 & 60). today, the official day, we're kickin' it at home, watching some scary movies, and awaiting... DEXTER.

my official costume is Wayne from Wayne's World. my sweet bunny was Garth (picture of him soon).

i've got my Wayne's World hat, my bunny's shoes, and yes- jeans. dreaded jeans. we had fun at some parties, but i hate those bloody jeans. and all jeans, for that matter. i think they're thick and unflattering. i know most people love them- but i don't. this is the one pair i have, and they were a gift. they don't, and jeans don't in general, flatter my shape. they're not comfortable to me. but for Hallowe'en? i can stand it. i'm glad i have an excuse to wear them and get them off the table for the closest challenge.

it was fun.

my outfit friday at work was much more me. i've had this for many years, and adore this velvet number.

i bought this and the witch boots because it reminded me of this painting, the Arnolfini wedding portrait.

the necklace i'm wearing is from the neighbors we had when i was growing up- they adopted a baby from russia, Ryan, on my birthday. consequently, they bought me this from the town from which they adopted him. it's a double sided poison pendant, sun and moon.

i adore this piece. it's beautiful, unique, huge, and one of my favorite statement pieces. happy all hallow's eve, everyone!


SASA said...

wow i like your pendant. it so beautiful! i wish i could have one just like yours. :( btw thanks for visiting and comment on my blog. :)

mode. said...

thanks! <3

Shybiker said...

Ooohhh!!! I'm so disillusioned!!

Your outfits are so compelling I decided to take a tour through your old posts. And enjoyed the journey tremendously. You definitely have a way with clothes: you put together fun, interesting combinations.

And then this... In your most recent post, you say you "never" wear jeans, don't own any... and here you are, wearing jeans! Plus, you admit to owning them!

My heroine falls...

I'm just teasing. It's a Halloween costume -- and a very convincing one. You actually do resemble Wayne! Nice idea, good execution.

mode. said...

LOL! they are actually my sister's, but in my closet and therefore in the challenge. she made me keep them. she actually checks to see if they are still there! she's convinced i'll wear them.
i won't, unless it's hallowe'en!
happy new year!