is it fall?


well, we've got the leaves, but nothing else. it's still warm!! day 33. warm enough to lie in the leaves in Beck T-shirt, plain pants, handmade cobalt necklace, rocket dog shoes.

day 34
still sleeveless! i finally fixed this top, this is my favorite color, but the straps were far too long for me. mended and done.

day 35
Marc Jacobs cashmere top, old navy clutch.

the top has these adorable little snaps on it. love it.


Anonymous said...

Great post! I love Fall, such a great season. In love with your Marc Jacobs cashmere top.



Boheme Noir said...

The first picture is so pretty & dreamy! I love fall!

Best, Jenny

lady sélénite said...

Hoooo ! that pink top seems to be so sweet ! But where do you leave to wear tee shirts now !? Here (near Paris) it's frezing and tee shirts are sleeping in the closet for winter. Well, I must say I'm very sensitive to cold !

mode. said...

i'm in nashville, tn- it's still pretty warm! the high today is near 70F. i love fall, too- wish it would go on and show up! <3 mode.

mode. said...
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Anonymous said...

I love that marc jacobs top, pretty color too

northwest is best said...

I think the Marc Jacobs top is my favourite! Very pretty. Also, I love beck!

Anonymous said...

I also love the Marc Jacobs tops. Pink is my favorite color and the snap detailing...so cute.

A, J and S said...

Love the picture with you in the leaves it's beautiful!

xoxo unconfined