john galliano ready to wear spring 2011

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i am in love. John Galliano spring 2011 rtw. i liked the men's Charlie Chaplin inspired looks, but i adore this.

fabulous layering. beautiful and unexpected patterns. and would i kill for those shoes? you bet i would.

 i love the tailoring and the subtle 20s shapes and makeup. and my feelings about large, unnecessary brooches are well known. and that is flocked russian veiling on that brooch- could you just die?

they have the androgyny of the 20s, too, in the straight lined jackets shapes, but the leathers are soft and feminine, and this sheer number is divine for layers. also killer shoes.

filigree inspired beadwork, dropped shoulder AND fitted sleeves? swoon. 

i don't care for this hat and headpiece- with the swoop of fabric under it, i think the hat is too tall and not structured enough to carry it. but the hips and blue tights? more beadwork? i am in Love.


Alice said...

Thanks for your nice comment.
It's a lovely Blog you have here!
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xx, Alice :)

lady sélénite said...

Galliano don't care about what can be wear in daily life and I'm grateful to him for that, because he just care about creation and making pieces of art !

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous collection. Thanks for sharing. :)

Love from Toronto, Canada

Boheme Noir said...

Fantastic picks! I love Galliano.

Is that Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII in your banner? It was my FAVE game of all time and I played it all through twice on Playstation :)

Best, Jenny

Anonymous said...

this is really gorgeous!

mode. said...

i'm not sure if it's from final fantasy- i actually was after the You Are Beautiful sticker- it's part of a community guerilla art project.


wow how interesting!
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