a little catch up

day 29 was the IBMAs- trying to dig up a good picture of me from it... it was a Day.

this is day 30
layers and wide pants after a loooong work day the day before

comfortable wideleg pants and rocket dog comfy flats. two layered tees ("and passion") and a vintage bag to give it a little style... even when i don't feel like it. that's why vintage bags are amazing (well, and for so many other reasons).

day 31
to be added to the list of "things i am not particularly good at doing" is self photography in a mirror. these two stripey days are evidence of that. the one above is plain black slacks, black tee, striped sweater saturday gear. yes. and stripedy pink and black skirt (with mondo pink earrings) below. day 32. a good Tim Burton girl needs her stripes.

ah- this one is better.


lady sélénite said...

I like this ! Did you talk about tim burton because of the bettlejuice cotume ? (I looove this film !)

mode. said...

i just love love love Tim Burton! i talk about him every chance i get :)