it has rained here every weekend for the past five weeks. wtf? this has put a damper on my attempts to help Mir with the garden, obviously. that, and we don't need rain for god's sake. we broke the monthly record for May on May 1st.

here's an interesting flood shot-

the large, curved building on the right is the Country Music Hall of Fame (note the pattern of the columns are like black piano keys- see what they did there?). now, across the street from this building (to the left) is a parking lot and at the top of the parking lot (that is, cattycorner up at to the left of the CMHF) is a small building. yeah, that's my brother's catering business. by some miracle, he didn't lose power, but did end up with a mess.

for those of you not from Nashville, this picture's main intersection is 4th and demonbreun. the river is short of 1st avenue- that's how far the water came downtown alone.


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