i slacked last week. sorry. new job is keeping mama BUSY. which is a good thing, and it's going well.

dinner last week was hamburgers, nothing fancy or impressive enough to photograph, but they were quite delicious if i do say so. i used my father's super secret hamburger recipe and we used the community gas grill on the green (well, the boys did) to actually serve those babies up instead of using the Foreman. word. they were bomb. paired with corn on the cob (not quite to it's summer yumminess, but not bad) and green beans.

we were graced with the presence of our talented friend, the very mister Seth Wood who sang digitally for his supper by sending me his EP after dinner. nice! i should do business like this more often... you can find him here.

last night's dinner also wasn't too exciting in the chef department, i'm sorry to say. i had too much to do- homework, gym run, and a mother's day belated movie trip that took twice as long as it should have, so we ordered in. sue me. i'll make something interesting next time.

nashville is still cleaning up from the flood. there are lots of ways to help, hands on nashville seems to be the best if you're lost on how to help http://www.hon.org


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