where have you been all my life?

it's no secret that while i've studied japanese fashion and all of its unbelieveable nooks and crannies, i'm not a big fan. i find a lot of it- cosplay, harijuku, and all of the miliartistic styles, especically- to assuming. i've never liked fashion that screams, "LOOK AT HOW STYLISH I AM!" my fashion icons do what they do (or did, Alexander McQueen RIP) whether 10 people or 10 million are looking. don't get me wrong- i'm all about a Statement piece, but quite a bit of japanese fashion is, to totally pigeon hole here, too on purpose. i don't feel any organic sense of where the looks and shapes come from. personally, i feel this is a reflection of the density of the population in japan- you've got to scream to be heard sometimes.

enter Yohji Yamamoto. and i'd like to say this is an epic fail on the parts of my teachers for not showing him to us, and on me for deciding i don't like japanese fashion and not pursuing it.

this guy is a genius. black, white, grey. statement hats. volume. unique shapes. yes, Yes, YES.

movement, pattern, and on the bias. you better WORK. now granted, he sends male models down the runway with no socks on. but with show stopper hats Medea would be proud to wear to church, i'm willing to let it slide.


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