this week i (stolen from Damico)

have made some decisions. they are as follows:

1 blog more. i'll be glad i did. maybe you will, too. i've changed the look. hope ya like.

2 i have plateaued with my exercise regime. there is a new zumba class on fridays, which i will begin taking (read- zumba tricks me into cardio for an hour, twice as long as i can generally self motivate), and it's time to move from the elliptical to the treadmill. yesterday was the first day, and i did well.

3 i've got to push harder for what i want out of life. it will not fall in my lap. this will take form firstly in the following: a-i want more room, so a major closet clean and ebay posting is on deck. b-more aggressive publisher searching. c- more aggressive idea sharing with likeminders. d-more word creation, such as likeminders.

4 stop wasting time. Thomasfriend said something to the effect of being so exhausted when he has time to do worthwhile things that he does nothing. cue selfloathing. i, too, am guilty of this, and need to find a way to balance the fact that often when i want to write, exercise, arrange, organize, launder, etc., i am not in a position to do so. when i am, i don't. i have no idea how to head this off, short of just forcing myself to do shit, but at least i have admitting it as an issue.

5 let some things go. for this, i have no clue what to do.

so those are the stats.



Kari said...

You can do it! Thanks for the update :)

Bones said...

Good luck with all of your plans. I have know doubt that you will able to achieve each and every one. Oh and when you figure out how to stop wasting time, let me know, I will be over here...wasting time

Bones said...

I will also be over here typing "know" when I should have been typing "no" Thats how I roll