so far, so good

wow! thanks for all of the help and encouragement everyone!

so far, i've managed to take the friday evening zumba class, the saturday morning class, and ran yesterday outside, like a champ. i'm taking tonight off of exercise. it is Sonny's 40th anniversary of his return from vietnam, and he's requested coca-colas. then, Bobby and i are going to the Muse concert, his christmas present come to fruition three months later.

i was able to do two loads of laundry, mend Miriam's dress, clean the house, and make pad thai for friends.

made a place in the house to put things for ebayness. will photograph and post soon, but this week is nuts. have cokes with Sonny and concert tonight, going to see Townsend et al tomorrow, pilates and helping Grandma Bette on wednesday, and possibly girl's night on thursday. i still have to finish my taxes, and need to do that ASAP- may have to miss ladies' night on account, but i hope not.

what are y'all up to?


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