so, i had returned... but then things got even busier! LORD.


everything is fine now, but last sunday, i lost Eric Thadog for a short period of time. a nice man found him and he's safe and sound, but i was freaking out. for those of you who don't know, Eric is Lauren's dog. it's widely known that i'm not much of a dog person- they're sweet, but i'm a cat girl. but i love Eric. Eric is the only dog who's allowed to stay at my house. and he managed to slip out. i was so scared something had happened to him, but i'm so glad i live in a place where people are good and decent enough to call the owner of a stray dog who's obviously lost his way. thank you!

had dinner with Rito and Kari, which was lovely. except i forgot my present over there, damn it! we watched the earth hour blackout, which i have to say was a bit of a disappointment; they didn't turn out the streetlights! but it was cool to see the big buildings turn off their giant emblems, and the company and dinner were divine. Kari made tamale pie- oh, baby!!

Roo visited and we had a lovely time. walking in the park eating popsicles with her and Jessie was quite wonderful, i must say.

been working a TON. what can i say? that's about that.

J- i've made your Tori mix, but am making the insert.

more later... for real this time.



J said...

Whaaat? dogs are awesome! lol. cats are cool too... i guess. lol. I'm sorry that you've had to work so much but more work in this economy is a good thing, right? lol. Wow, I'm actually gonna get a tori mix, huh? lol. nice, can't wait, thanks! lol. okay gotta go, just watched fast and furious and now I'm hella tired! take care!

GangqinLaoshr said...

More like Catwoman!