i miss you and hope you're doin' it up right in chitown, girl.

i have an old friend coming over for dinner tonight, i'm very excited about that. i've been promising him a spaghetti dinner pretty much since we met like five years ago! whups. better late than never.

food related, i've got to figure out my proportions. i've been eating either too much or too little lately, and this is no good. i need a bento box, Ana! i've also been cooking proportions badly- like too much rice to not enough chicken. am i off my game? who knows?

Erin and Slice comin' this weekend!


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anastasia said...

You should definitely get one! It makes lunch-making so easy, because you don't ever have to wonder if you're getting too much or too little food... you just just fill that fucker up, and you're good to go!