phew! last week was super duper busy. mostly work related and i don't want to type it all, but i'm happy to say everything came out alright. this is turning out better than i expected, except the drive, which sucks.

Slice and Anne are in town this week and some of Bobby's texas family, which is awesome, and Abbe will be here sometime soon. i need to call her actually and find out when! with it being spring break, lots of friends are in and out the next few weeks.

in updates, and things i've noticed this week:

i hope Bethie had a wonderful birthday last saturday. she's deferred the celebration to this upcoming weekend, so more on that later. such a thing requires Abbe attendance, of course.

i love that dogs can hear you bark at them as you drive by at 50mph. and that they Always look.

Finnegan turned a green five years old yesterday. Steve took a video of him eating a piece of cake- the child Inhaled it. i'll post it when i get it, it's bloody great.

i have started to listen to what men have to say. as most of you know, music is my avenue for understanding, and i am currently obsessed with Ryan Adams and Ray Lamontagne. that's rare- i'm usually a ladies girl.

more later... stuf to dizzle.


Kari said...

why do you have a different drive?

blindhope said...

long story. i'll call y'all this weekend see if we can SEE one another...


Bobby said...

You like Ray Lamontagne? Oh NO!!!! I didn't know you were obsessed with either of them...Where have I been? Tori has been on in the car the last like 10 times I have been in it.

What good to men have to say? I am interested to hear what and why you have started listening to us/them. Anyone in particular?


blindhope said...

i meant musically what they have to say. he's got some good stuff... you should give it a chance.... i've been listening to it at work.
i'm just interested mainly in what they have to say about this crazy ride called life, and love and hurt and all that stuff.


J said...

hello blindhope, how have you been?? hope all is well, take care!