Emma, who visited the states for a while and was in my weekly private pilates class, showed me this picture of the "bum balance" as she calls it. i've had a few friends ask about what my class is like, so here's a little slice. you can see Andrew, our teacher, Carol on the left, and me.

now the real trick is, after you hold your legs out there, you pull them in towards each other straight and crisscross your ankles back and forth a few tims. then you pull them back out and roll on your back with your legs still in the V and your hands on your feet.

damn right!



labonqua said...

and let us all remember what happened the first time i tried this move...they ought to call it the butt pucker.

J said...

I'm sorry but your instructor looks funny as hell doing this move! LOL Thanks for the laugh, I needed that!