style (or lack thereof)

i have started doing a lot more of the styling "work" (" because i rarely get paid to do this) and have consequently been eyeballing so-called style around. for anyone who knows me, my personal style is mostly black and bright shoes. that's just me. what i don't understand is why people don't go for their own style. i try to help people with that when i work with them, but i mean in general. my thoughts on it fall into two categories...

1- people think that trendy and stylish are the same. therefore, they look to what is in for style points or to those in the public eye. this concerns me if only for the resultant Bad pictures that they will regret when they're fifty. not to mention the sheeplike mentality this requires from the get go, and the fact that most trends do not apply to a majority of body types. quite the opposite- usually only a small fraction of the populace can pull these things off. look at capri pants. yikes.

2- a lot of people don't care about style. that's fine- if you flat don't give a shit, then don't worry about it. but a lot of people don't realize how Simple style can be, and that it generally starts from two points a- your own personal taste and what you like, and b- your body type. that's it! everything else is just details, but if you take those two things to heart, you're always going to have your own style, because no one else is you. stay away from magazine set up style shots. get inspiration elsewhere. shop around. buy quality and vintage. Done.

my biggest rule, though, always was, if you like something on you, and i mean Really like it, who cares what anyone else thinks? now granted, i am of the opinion that things like spandex are privileges and not rights, but honey, if you're out to work that poor, stretched martian fabric, you go.

am i letting out too many secrets on this? hope not.



J said...

I don't know about this whole style thing, I'm a man, lol.

I spent about a year or so where I was VERY trendy, I'm talking about the Banana republic sweater with matching shoes, the striped long sleeve button up from Buckle, faded jeans and the choker necklace. I was looking fly and matching fine but I felt like such a follower at the time. Plus all that crap was expensive. Now I just wear what I want and it works for me so whatever! lol

blindhope said...

Banana Republic?! Buckle?!

i'm glad you saw the error of your ways. always better to do your own thing instead of following....