dude, seriously, what is going on? almost everyone i know has had an Awful week, and it has dragged its ass gettin' to friday for sure. and i mean terrible stuff happening to friends, etc., as in Serious life-changing. some small scale stuff, too. i don't want to talk about other people's business, especially since they don't blog, but L., L., J., B., M., and i All had some Crap go down this week. mine wasn't too bad. my mother informed me that she is selling the house i grew up in. i am devastated. i knew this day would come, since i'm one of so many kids and now we're all gone, that house is just flat too big for just my mom and stepdad. they also want to retire asap and move to montana (why? don't even get me Goin' on that), so that's part of why i'm upset, because it means they're really going to go. i just feel so homesick, and i know that sounds lame, but it's true. that house has been there my whole life, and yes, it is just a house, but my apartment isn't Home. and i don't think i'll get one until i buy my own house, which, most of you know, i've been trying to do.
*heavy sigh*
also, the transmission in my car went out again. luckily, it was under warranty, but it was a big pain in the izzle and i had to rent a car, blah blah blah. but it's fine now. and it is bloody COLD here.
so here's what i think.
everyone just take a big ole' deep breath. i really think that things are turning around, and the big turn around is coming on tuesday. just hold on, y'all! we are almost there. we've got some days off here, it's going to warm up, and everything is going to work out right. grab your fat cats and doggies and snuggle up.
no worries.


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J said...

I agree. My week has sucked with the exception of talking to one of my best friends for the first time in months. Tough times! I guess its just a bad season. Sorry about the house I know what you mean about the parents house having that cozy type of “home” feeling that no other place can have. What is coming up on Tuesday? Do you have a book out now? If so I’d love to read it!