happy new year!

thoughts for the new year...

1- yes, we can. ten days, y'all! and i'm publishing this f-er of a book, come hell or high water.

2- know your rights. plead the fifth. don't ever talk to the feds.

3-snuggle more.

4- after consideration, a note to all my fellow cat owners- fresh step is better than tidy cats. believe that!

possibly more later. i reserve the right for up to a month. it's raining out today, unfortunately, again. it's been so freakin' rainy this winter, and i have to say, i'm totally freakin' tired of it. it's making the winter last sooo much longer. i'm just now taking down all my christmas stuff (i know, i know) and doing some spring cleaning/purging today. i'm hitting the gym and meeting with M. we've got a big photo shoot for the Vaudes next week- i'm really excited.

hope everyone's 2009 is feelin' fine. remember that whatever you did at midnight, you'll do most of the year! (i was SMOOCHIN'!!)


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J said...

1-– hell yeah, can’t wait, wish I was there – wow, that’s super cool, I have many questions about writing a book and getting it published, would you like to be a mentor to me? :) lol.

2- - $nitche$ get dumped in ditchez! lol

4- sorry, I’m a dog person

I think I was hating myself in my life when the new year hit so yeah, maybe I’ll do that all year, lol
Take care! :)