could someone please explain to me why all the shows on tv right now are not only "reality" but are shows where people are looking for love. umm... seriously? do you think you can find The One while everyone involved is occupied with being on television and trying to get their 15 minutes of fame? riiiight.
i am half watching tv and the moment, and there have been no more than 4 ads for different shows of this nature. i have to say, some part of me thinks that every time such a thing fails miserably (and it always does), that these people are getting exactly what they deserve- nothing. and granted, i've been sucked into a reality show before, but are you kidding me? can we get some fresh blood in this piece? i don't even like or watch all that much tv, but when i do, i'd like to watch something halfway decent. if there's nothing good on the history channel, you're pretty much screwed. i still love 'project runway' because you actually have to have a Skill to be on that show and i make clothes, so i find it interesting and enjoyable to watch the construction techniques of others, but it's not on right now. and god knows there's no Music on mtv, vh1, bet, or cmt, so that's out. sometimes you can catch a decent movie on cable, but they cut out all the good stuff.

it's a good thing i like to read.


J said...

Yeah, no TV for me with the exception of one tree hill. You should watch it!lol. well anyway, how have you been? any word on your work that I was supposed to read? :)

J said...

my e-mail is juan_lopezjr@hotmail.com. looking forward to reading some of your work. take care!