so, i've had a ton of visitors here lately. Erin, Jason, Steve-O, and Maggie all came this week, and J came last week. i've got some pictures to post up, but they are at the home computer. i've been housesitting for the little Ranger fox this week, too. needless to say, the busyness continues. i'll post them when i get home, though.

Steve-O and i went to see the summertime outdoor exhibit at cheekwood, and if you have not gone, GO. it was big fun, and it has been every year since i've been going. the pictures will prove how much fun it is to run around and be a kid.

speaking of which, why didn't anyone tell us that growing up Sucks?! yeah, you get to do what you want when you want in a way that kids never do, but you've got to Pay for that shit. with time, energy, money, and stress. good thing i've got a fat cat to keep it real. although- i am pleased to report that at her yearly checkup and shots vet visit, it turns out that miss Luna has lost a pound! i know it doesn't sound terribly impressive, but that's like a person losing around 25 pounds. she's now on the heavy side of normal instead of the light side of heavy. woohoo!!

also- if you want to be in the club that Erin and i have started after Jason's excellent showing as a courteous car passenger, let me know. everything will make sense then....

pictures to follow.



Kari said...

There's going to be another visitor on August 29th! Maciver is coming to Nashville, one day only!

blindhope said...


i will Be There!!!