the run down

ok, so i got swamped there for a while. i went from no jobs to Three in the snap of a finger. that's part of the reason i wasn't able to post. also, my grandfather was in the hospital for a spot there, but is now home and doing much, much better. i also had some friends come in town, and yes, i had a birthday. thank you all for all the very lovely birthday treats i got, and i'm so sorry for the lack of posts. i barely slept.

but things have calmed now. the new job is going very well so far, and it's lovely to have a consistent schedule again. not to mention the relief of the job itself and the reminder that i can actually do this, do it well, and get paid accordingly. and i am so glad not to be 25 anymore. 25 sucked. a lot. and so far, 26 has been much better. i hope it, and the rest of my years if there be any, are as well.

last weekend, i hung out with Rito and Kari, and had some fun with the Pinup girls. also got to get some Sleep, which is always a relief. last night, i hung out with the work girls who are training me and Bound'ry with big brother and girlfriend, and had a Blastoff. SteveO is coming this weekend, i'm sure bbq and shenanigans will ensue. more on that later.
and it's hot as Hades out there, in case you didn't know.

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