i want to make one thing abundantly clear.

most of the people who read this are aware of what went down in september, though i've never blogged about it for legal reasons, i will say this.

there was a line drawn in the sand that day, and i am not the one who drew it. i never insisted that anyone stand on my side of it, abandon $%&#'s side, or said that standing with one foot on either side was unfair. i know many of the people connected to both of us had jobs to worry about, and i would not jeopardize that for anyone. but if you are one of those people who stuck to me for two years and then helped sink the knife between my shoulders without a word, don't think for a second that you can try to step over to my side seven months later to try to get some juicy gossip or go behind my back and try to get it from someone who's been on my side from day one. those people are on my side and have been forever for a reason.

if you are reading this and know you are one of those people, then bloody f%$# off. if i don't take your phone calls or smile at you on the street anymore, that's a pretty clear sign. your guilt is your own problem. you chose 'team asshole' then, and you can keep that shit smell away from me and mine now.

if you're one of those who's always been and still is on my side, i don't tell you how much i've appreciated your support enough. thank you. THANK YOU. i would lie down in traffic for you.


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