yesterday's early morning earthquake whose epicenter was in evansville, indiana shook the u.s. as far away as florida- and i felt it! i woke up at 4.44 (which is interesting both because of the numbers and because cnn has reported the quake started at 4.36, 38 miles below the surface of the earth) to a tapping sound and Josh saying, "babe! babe!" the tapping sound was the pictures rattling on the wall, and i soon realized that not only was the bed shaking, the entire house was. Josh said, "I'm going outside to see what it is!" and i told him not to move since the cat was still resting peacefully at the foot of the bed. about five seconds later, it stopped. at first, i wasn't convinced it was an earthquake, i thought perhaps the house was sinking, but those were the only two things of which i could think that would shake the entire house and not make any noise. i said as much to Josh, who replied with, "maybe it's aliens landing...." which freaked me out. but it was kind of cool! to think that big of a part of the earth can move all at once- amazing! James even felt it in oberlin, but we are on the same tectonic plate, so that makes sense.

Luna was totally nonplussed. figures.

so, on the list of natural phenomenon i've survived, please add earthquake tremors. if anyone other than yours truly is keeping such a list.



Anonymous said...

do you write any poetry?

blindhope said...

i do indeed....