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Obama and Huckabee have won the iowa caucuses. as of right now (11pm central) 2nd place is up for grabs. i, for one, am glad we are thinning out the ranks. let's get down to it and hear about the real issues from candidates who have a chance. i can't stand debates with fifty million people standing up there trying to get face time. i believe that everyone who fits the bill has the right to run for president- this is true- but why are some of these people even up there? everyone knows they don't have a chance, they know this themselves! and i know people argue that those candidates can't get a chance because they don't get face time from the media, blah blah blah, but the bottom line is if you can't win, you can't win no matter what the why is. if all of the people who voted for Nader in 2000 voted for Gore instead, we'd be in a very different place right now. and yes, my own views probably align more with Nader, but he was not going to and will never, NEVER win enough of the masses over to be president. period. and neither will Ron Paul, Chris Dodd, Joe Biden or any of those guys, even if they have a better plan. you can't get anything done Right Now if you don't get elected!! why are people obtuse about this?

this is infinitely frustrating to me, because people can't see the direct ramifications of their actions. i am all about change. i think our system is really, Royally f'ed up. and i am not advocating losing your beliefs. i think the current political position we're in is both a cause and reflection of our problems. we're also in a war. our country is made up of nearly 75% overweight apathetic reality television addicts. racism still runs rampant in america in many forms, and we have several groups of second class citizens. we are killing our planet. health insurance is hard to get, expensive, and confusing. our citizens fear our police. these things are hard to ignore. however, people who think that we are going to fix these things by turning the system completely upside down are Wrong, because they ignore a huge piece of the puzzle here- the majority of americans have chosen- either by act or lack of care for action- this path. their seemingly comfortable inertia will make them fight losing it all the way down. there are simple, everyday changes we can make to enact Change, and there are ways to approach the masses about them. look at the energy efficient light bulbs- want to know why those fly off shelves? because people were told their light bills will go down and they don't have to buy any more light bulbs for a long time once they get over the upfront cost. this is a consumerist, capitalist society, and we've got to work with what we've got. if we want change, it will BEGIN slowly, individual by individual in their minds. that's the hard part- because once people change their minds, their asses will follow. attacking the Entire system as a whole, claiming conspiracy theories, using 9/11 as a crutch, or arguing who knew Benazir Bhutto the best isn't going to get us anywhere. i got sick and tired of this moaning talk and no walk crap at oberlin, and here we go again. if anyone should speak to those hipster doofuses, someone please remind them that the way things are put them right here and right now this way. as for the jumping off place? here i stand. the water looks warm.

and for the record, if i hear one more person complain about the system consistently who cannot answer the simple question of, "who are the senators in (insert your state here)"? they will get my grandfather's three most powerful words in the english language.

kiss my ass.


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