who needs the gym?

anyone worried about those extra holiday pounds? well, you can just do what i did and get a nasty stomach virus that leads into a fever and kills your appetite!! i got SICK on saturday, and my body evacuated everything i ate saturday (and possibly friday). at first i thought i had the ole' IBS attack from dinner- i had dinner with Rito and Kari, and when i left, Kari wasn't feeling too well. but i woke up to that effect every hour on the hour saturday night. lovely. Kari didn't have that! lucky girl! sunday i had a fever most of the day, and sent Josh to stay with Charlie. he called many times to check up on me and was worried about leaving me alone, but i didn't want him to get sick, like he did the last time i caught something of this nature. which, for the record, was both of our first stomach viruses Ever. and why, why i ask, does this happen whenever we are going to have a party?? last time, we had to cancel our halloween party ('06) and if i'd gotten any worse or Josh had caught it, we'd have canceled the small new year's get together we planned. i'm not planning any more parties! i barely made it past the ball drop. plus i was on dog duty for Kamir and Eric! i ate some crackers sunday. some organic ramen noodles monday, and some fish, beans and rice today. and that's it. oh, and a piece of cheese. this is no good. i am very weak at the moment. note the tired eyes and giantly oversized oberlin comfort hoodie.

but i'm not worried about those holiday pounds anymore! not that i really needed to anyway, but i was upset that the gym is closed today and was yesterday, so i was bummed about not being able to go, but at least it won't set me back. of course, i would have traded a few pounds for keeping my vomit streak intact any day of the week.... and it snowed today! southern snow, obviously, nothing like oberlin, but happy new year. and it's Josh's daddy's birthday. happy 61, Charley! so we went out to fariview and saw his parents and Johnny and his family. yay!


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