Rae Hering's Ladies Night featuring m.florita jewelry!


Lovies, I am so excited about this! Friday, September 16th, I will be attending a Ladies Only cocktail hour featuring Rae Hering and m.florita jewelry!  This exclusive event is happening at the historic Wellington Arms building in West Meade. It will feature an intimate performance by Rae and a showcase of m.florita's baubles, as well as founder Marrah speaking about her designs and the customization options for her jewelry and ornaments. And it's being sponsored by Village Wines!

You may remember Rae from this post where I styled a shoot for her, and she also provided the music to the 48 hour film project film on which I worked. She's a fantastic, cabaret inspired singer/songwriter. She even plays the accordion! Her record, Reality Over My Head, is available now and will be at the performance, as well.

 You may remember m. florita jewelry from my brother's wedding (she designed the bridesmaid's jewelry and was a fellow bridesmaid) and from my RAW showcase, where several of my models wore her gorgeous designs. If you will be in town and are free, email me at mode@cicileyhoffman.com and let me know you'd like to come and get all the details or RSVP here. All of your lovely lady friends are welcome, too! If you're a gent about time, feel free to send your better half ;)
This event is the first of an exclusive, grassroots series, so stay tuned for more.

Hope to see you there! And don't forget to dress to impress....


Kirstin Marie said...

This sounds like an amazing event!!! I hope you have an awesome time, and I cannot wait to see your photos!!

Sara C. said...

I love the necklaces, especially those with letters
Have a nice day
Sara C.

Ulrika said...

Love the necklaces and the outfit pics !


Vanessa said...

I love the jumble of letter charms on the necklace in the last photo!

sacramento said...

So lovely!!!

Becca. said...

gorgeous jewellery! love these photos!

thanks for the comment on my blog :)

Mary said...

Hi lovely,
such amazing event!!
I love these pictures:)
See you soon

lady sélénite said...

Beautiful pictures ! I love the XOXO necklace !

Maria J - Paqui said...

OHhh beautiful!!


YoUngLiNgToN said...

Hey you ! nice skirt you have... and your shoes... i love. I saw your adress at message at IFB... I follow you and I will appreciate if you'll do the same for me at tumblr too... thks... Xoxo


CR said...

Nice simple and clean jewellery. You must have spend a wonderfull time at the event ;)