never too much Burton, never too much Marilyn

first of all i want to say a big thank you to Alice over at bells and whistles for her lovely giveaway that i won! i'm so excited! i can't wait for the necklace to arrive, and i will certainly be posting a picture with my outfits. she has a wonderful blog- give it a gander! (und danke sehr, Alice, diese kette is aber so schoen!)

the closet challenge moves on!

day 55 - a second Marilyn top.

i love her. this Warhol version of miss Monroe is from a funky local shop, paired with an Angela Adams clutch and red, red ring.

day 56 - ole!
my lovely mama brought me this top from mexico when she went to visit a friend a while back. i love the colors in the top, and it's mostly sheer in parts all over- but somehow, you can't really tell. i wore a black bra so you can see the sheerness, but with a nude one, it's unnoticeable. paired with these turquoise numbers from my friend Martha at a bloody mary morning yard sale we had several years ago.

day 57
rain, rain, go away. i don't mind rain when it's warm out, but when it's chilly- bleech! i do however, love my barbie pink raincoat!

i made this purple heart top long ago, frankly, it's starting to wear out. :(

but i do love an excuse to wear my wellies!!

day 58 never to much Burton!

what can i say? i love stripes. all kinds and colors! this grey/black goes wonderfully with pinks or green/blues, like the necklace i have with it here.

day 61 (Hallowe'en pics, 59 and 60 posted previously)

for kicks. you've got to have at least one funny shirt to bum around in. this was a gift from Cupcake. i know it's backwards using my photobooth, but you'll get the idea ;)



Christy said...

Uhhh...okay seriously I had that exact same ring and those same exact wellies in my New Orleans Buffalo Exchange within the past few days. So weird!

Liz said...

I love that you have a bright pink trench!

A BRIT GREEK said...

Gorgeous ring! I also love stripes too...

Thanks for stopping by...sorry i've been a bit busy of late, so not had the chance to say hello!

By the way, this post from a blogger buddy of mine be of interest to you!
She's a great writer and brilliant blogger:


Check it out!


artdecodiamonds said...

Love your ring.. very cool.. great pics..
love this vintage ring!

Your thoughts?


Artfully Awear said...

I love the Warhol tee!!

Jan said...

Yay for wild wellies! Now if only festival season would arrive so we could have even more excuses to wear them!!

lady sélénite said...

Love the maryiyn tee shirt !

PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

congratulations on the give away!!! and i love the marilyn monroe shirt!!

{ I V Y } said...

cute rain boots haha.

Anonymous said...

I adore those wellies. They are so cute:)

Vanessa said...

I love that MM t-shirt. I love anything that's reddish/pink and turquoise/teal. Such a good color combo!