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day 63

Matt called this my J-Lo outfit. i told him to bite me ;p and that J-Lo doesn't wear Manuel.

Manuel hat- missing one rhinestone, sadly.

paired with a T-Shirt from a charity event for RAINN (rape abuse incest national network), the 6:58 reference is from a Tori Amos song called "spark," she founded RAINN. the turtle ring was handmade by a woman named Venus Brightstar and i've had it for a long time. the turtle represents Mother Earth, the blue in his shell is Father Sky, and the moonstone is my birthstone. 

day 64
off the shoulder.

 this top is one of my all time favorites. i love the off the shoulder look, love the white detailing on the side and around the bottom. it's comfortable, dresses up easily with a skirt and some heels, or i can wear it as here to work. paired with gifted earrings and my Seurat purse.

this is from the painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, arguably his most famous work and an excellent example of pointillism.  it's currently in Chicago at the Art Institute, where i have had the honor of seeing it in person, and you may remember it from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

and for day 62
stand up for your rights!  i wore this on voting day.

 i love the pockets in this little polka dot dress- i always wear it with pants under it, though, because it's a bit short for my taste. my friend David made this lovely tool necklace...

always be prepared. and my bunny's nana made this purse- i have several that she made, she was a talented lady!
hope all is well with y'all. can't believe it's almost christmas!



Jan said...

I can't believe your mate made that necklace! Quirky and awesome!

Artfully Awear said...

Ahh, the Seurat purse is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Amazing outfits. I love how the polka dot dress has pockets. Such a fun detail.

lady sélénite said...

I love the last outfit, colored like candies !

Playing Hooksies said...

Love the earrings you've photographed! And the ring as well :)


Anonymous said...

I love the little turtle ring that you're wearing and the necklace with tools on it. So cute. I love it when accessories are unusual like this, makes them more meaningful somehow.

Look forward to hearing from you


Tashrin from Toronto, Canada

P.S: Tha bag took my breath away :0

Sarina said...

wow!! That's a Lovely blog!!

I'll Follow u!!follow me if u want!
So soon I'll oganize a Giveaway!!
Stay Tuned :D


PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

that is such a cool necklace!! and i love ferris bueller that is so great you can see the painting in real life!!