blown away - Isabella Blow

of all the style girls i love, i love her most.

the beautiful, amazing, Isabella Blow. the woman who discovered Alexander McQueen (and Sophie Dahl and Phillip Treacy). hat addict. with style all her own. 1958-2007. british, lovely, weird.

i've adored this woman since i knew what milliners are. with two books about her life out now, and talks of a movie, i wonder how the view of her will change in the eyes of the many. most people my age, even those who love fashion, don't know who she was. don't know how she affected what is outrageous, cutting edge, and fabulous. people younger than i don't know that the so called "stylish" pop stars of today have leaned heavily on the path that This woman helped create, along with other style pioneers like Grace Jones, Nancy Cunard, and many others.

she was also terribly depressed and killed herself- after several attempts. which i feel presents us with the opportunity to discuss depression and suicide. help is available. we must start accepting that hurting minds/ psyches are parts of our bodies that must be treated like broken arms. depression can be helped. suicide can be prevented. it doesn't have to take any more of our idols as it has taken two of mine- Blow and McQueen. if you or someone you love needs help, please reach out.

this is avant garde to me. this is pushing boundaries of clothes and accessories. this is Fantastic. i never get tired of her. the looks never appear over or done. overdone? but of course. 

who doesn't love a huge feathery hat?


zeldafitz79 said...

There was a great Vanity Fair article about her when she died in '07 (http://www.vanityfair.com/magazine/toc/contents-200709), called "Final Blow". The lobster hat, and one shaped like her name, just blew my mind. Also, I'm a Sophie Dahloholic, so she's double tops in my book.

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Leah said...

People really don't wear enough feathery head pieces nowadays... so chic! Great blog, now following!


lady sélénite said...

What a creative and excentric woman !

Anonymous said...

Really sad that she need to kill herself, there are so many good things in fashion this woman can make if she didint constantly thinking about suicide :-(

Ashley Johnson said...

Love this post. She was amazing.


Anonymous said...

She is one of those women who are larger than life. I do think the world is quite unfortunate that it could not keep a visionary like her. :(

Love from Toronto, Canada