last week, i made turkey meatloaf and mashed potatoes with broiled asparagus. i have never made meatloaf before, but i love it. i've never found a good recipe for turkey meatloaf, and we all know i can't have it with pork or meatballs in it. so i perused those and came up with my own. Jessie LOVED it. she came back after a show for more! the trick? olives. there were big ole' green olives in that hunk, and they made all the difference. also had onions, garlic, and breadcrumbs. i used plain tomato sauce on the top, with ketchup being too sweet, and also afoul to Bunny.

i totally didn't take good pictures, because by the time i got the loaf made, we were all starving- it took much longer to cook than i expected. i think i could have stood to raise the oven temperature by 50 degrees, but oh, well. note for next time. hence the "half eaten" pictures.

this week dinner was chinese food. i had to make 100 chocolate covered strawberries for a bridal shower, and after that and a hospital trip for friend who was mugged this weekend (he'll be okay, thank you, god), i was not making dinner. i didn't take pictures of the strawberries- they turned out really quite ugly. but they tasted quite good. they are also relatively easy, if you want to try it and have a double boiler. just give yourself LOTS of cooling time for them so the chocolate can harden- that was my problem.

hope everyone is well.



Jane Aubourg said...

I've been enjoying reading your lovely blog. Thanks for your whimsical comment on mine. I'd like to send you some brooches, where shall I send them? (I tried to find an email address but failed, so a comment must suffice. You can always email me in reply so as not to be putting details online)

blindhope said...

oh thanks! i'll email you!