swimmer girl

i'm stuck on a new suit for the summer. i've been swimming in my old suit, which is falling apart, and also i want a retro suit, as i have for years. specifically, i want one in the Esther Williams vein- the queen of swim suits from back in the day (and pictured above). she was a movie star and a competitive swimmer- and she's still alive! they are cut So much better for a woman's body- particularly one of my shape.
which do you like?

i would not choose gold, obviously, that one would either be in black or white with black polkas. also, i was thinking one piece, because i like to dive, but this little shorts and top sailor suit is Adorable.

i just can't decide. help!


Nikhil said...

I think the sailor suit/shorts IS totally adorable and you should get that, but barring that I think a little color is nice so I like the one just above the gold suit. Good swimming!

blindhope said...

i can't choose! i love the sailor one, but you can't dive in a two piece! arg!!!

Nikhil said...

You can dive, you just have to be ready to show off more than your diving skills... ;^)