last week for dinner, i made french cuisine. oh, yes. but i made the easiest kind one can make. french onion soup, roasted root vegetables, and crocque monsieurs. here are all of my onions ready to be diced and put to good use in the soup.

it was actually a really easy meal- the soup is basically just onions and broth. a crocque monsieur is basically just a hot ham with fancier meat and cheese. i used french loaf bread, gruyere, and proscuitto for them. YUM. the veggies were sweet potatoes, turnips, parsnips, and green beans from the garden. the soup is finished off with some torn pieces of bread and shredded gruyere, then put in the oven in the serving bowls until the cheese bubbles. easy, impressive sounding, and delicious!

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Anthony Damico said...

save some for me :)