i've been away a while. sorry! things got really busy in life and work, etc.

i was thinking about how different things are for me now from a year ago. this time last year, i was in a bad way. everything is so so so much better now, and i am thankful to have come out the other side of all that went down. and i am more so thankful for my friends and family who helped me get through the last year. so thank you.

i hope everyone had a merry christmas. i had a wonderful one, except for the fact that both Bobby and i were sick. :( Bobby gave me the two loveliest gifts; he made me a ring out of a quarter and made a recording of himself performing my favorite Beatles song. the ring, believe it or not, he made by pounding the side of the quarter with a spoon to flatten it out and then drilling a hole in the middle and filing it down. it looks like a distressed silver ring- the only way you can tell that it is made from a quarter is by looking on the inside, where you can still see that it says the year, "quarter dollar," etc. the song is "In my Life," and he sang it, sang backup, played all of the instruments (guitar, bass, drums, rhodes, etc.), then recorded, mixed, and engineered it. it's beautiful, and so very sweet.

i got to see a lot of peeps! Erin, Jason, James, Maggie, Michael, Beth, and Tinkerbell. since we were sick, we didn't see the family until saturday (had Dad's side on christmas eve), and saw the grandrents and Lara. we spent christmas day with Bobby's family, which was very nice and relaxing. Bobby and i are recovering nicely, so that's all good. Luna got some yummy sheba kitty food, and some catnip. she's thoroughly pleased.

for next week/new year's- i only have to work two and a half days, which is awesome. i'm off new year's proper, of course, and i'm taking friday. Bobby is playing both on new year's eve and new year's eve eve. we may go out for dinner new year's eve first, but i'm not sure what time he's playing. the new year's eve eve show is a big one at the mercy. woohoo!!


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J said...

Hi, I’m J. and I’m just swinging by to say hello. Not gonna lie that song that “bobby” recorded for you, that is an awesome idea. I wish I could do that for my lady but I don’t know enough instruments to do that :( but I will learn and I just might steal that idea, lol. Well anyway, shoot me a comment or two if you would like, take care!