a note on being a bridesmaid...

should any of you ever be a bridesmaid or groomsman, do take this advice:

YOU DON'T GET ANY PICTURES!! plan accordingly.

that's my big complaint from Lala's wedding to Boujalay. i wish someone had told me that, because now i'm at the mercy of everyone else's pictures, and the photographer. don't get me wrong- there are some great ones i've seen so far, and Ezra (the professional photog they hired who's working on the nice ones now) was great- really fun and comfortable- it's just not the same as being able to take the ones you want with your camera. just a head's up for life's adventures in tying the knot that ain't yours.

florida, however, was beautiful, and so was the bride. i wish i had a good shot of her hair, which was particularly pretty with a five point star white orchid in the back. the weather was perfect, and the beach could not have been more wonderful. the water was clean and clear and made a perfect backdrop for a lovely day. and i didn't fall down when i walked up the aisle! woohoo!! actually, no one did. i was Really nervous about busting my ass and embarrassing myself. their ceremony went off without a hitch, even though they got hitched! (ok, sorry, that was an Awful pun.)

i did, however, embarrass myself at the rehearsal dinner. i didn't even START my toast, and i already started crying- and i mean, CRYING. like, tears down the face, screwed up voice, and jagged breathing in front of a huge room of people. nice ass, Bailee. and the problem there? as i stood up to give the toast, i looked at her. 2nd piece of wedding advice- do NOT look at the person about whom you are going to toast before you do it. even if you haven't had a single drink (which i had not, in an attempt to avoid such a scene), if you look at your friend of 26 years in my case, you're gonna cry. Period.
sorry, everyone.

other than that, everything was as it should have been. phew! will post pics soon.

congrats to the walkers.


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