good weekends!

i have had some really great weekends the past few weeks. three weeks ago, Maciver showed up, as he is wont to do, and made a FABULOUS five course (yeah, 5!) meal for Rito, Kari, and me. yum yum yum! i took some great shots of the food, i'll add them from home. then, the next day we were able to go get popsicles from las paletas, and they had my favourite, hibiscus- oh, baby. then Beth and i up and decided to go to lynchburg and go to the Jack Daniel's distillery, just because neither of us had ever been. it was fun! i've got funny pictures from the ride, and we had an excellent soundtrack, if i do say so myself, of the Beth's Bouncy Car Mix i made 'special for her. our tour guide, however, was a total Trip and talked Relentlessly about himself and his own life- to the tune of making the tour nearly 45 minutes longer than it was meant to be and making the group behind us constantly breathe down our necks. damn you, Billy!

two weekends ago was Lala's party. the brunch was yummy and it was nice to see the ladies, but on saturday night, we went downtown. keep in mind that i'm not big on the whole honky tonkin' thing (and neither is she, for the record) but we did see Abraham Lincoln down there. that's right. and when i saw him, i yelled, "SIC SEMPER TYRANNUS!" [sp]: and he totally got it. you've got to have respect for that- if you're gonna be Abe, you better know your shit about him and know when to bloody Duck. haha. i did, unfortunately see someone puke on the corner of broadway and 4th after getting out of a cab. Nice. i've never seen someone barf just out in public on the street like that, though, so i suppose it was bound to happen sometime in my young life. at least it was no one i knew, and no one i was with. and it was nice to have Lala around for a while.

this weekend, my 'rents were in town, which was nice. i haven't seen them really since may since they've been in Ennis, and i missed them. i also got to see the whole famdamnily and the two sweetest nephews that ever walked the face of the earth. very nice. and Joel cooked- oh, baby. yesterday, we did some photo proofs for the pinup show (i will NOT be posting those), and that went well. got some kinks worked out, great costume ideas, and better comfort level. woohoo!

next weekend, i'm going to a show friday with M and Maggie, who will be in town, yay! then saturday, Rito Mcgee will be squiring me about town and to the Symphony, so that he is not lonely without his lovely lady love who is in italy. lucky! weekend after that, more visitors and also Anne's birthday and new Dexter(!!), and the one after that more visitors AND then it's off to florida.

good lord!


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