just turn the corner (?), cornucopia

well, here we are again. i opted not to take temp work this week, and so far, that's actually served me well. granted it doesn't pay the rent, but for one job, dude is Supposed to be back in town this week, i had an interview for another, and have another interview tomorrow. if God could just pick the right one and give it to me, that'd be SWELL. just putting that out into the universe....

i realized i didn't actually elaborate on my getting hit on at that last temp job, and it was actually strange and worth noting for its oddness. one of the office guys gave me a foam stress ball in the shape of the car and said that one of the other guy's (which may have just been him, yes, i know) thought i was cute and wanted to give it to me. needless to say, i was a bit surprised, and i think all i got out was, "ok..." i suppose he would have pursued it had i been more forthcoming. but i was really thinking, are you serious? you're really going to hit on the temp? come on! maybe they are starved for new females.

and fyi to all- my mom is going on a sabbatical with Steve, so tell her bye by next week if you get the chance. and Lafar may have made it far away by now.

and also. to all dog lovers- dogs are gross. i kept Ranger last weekend, and he rolled in shit. SHIT. i want you all to know that cats do NOT do that.

but praise be, it's finally warm and staying that way. i hope all is well out there in radio land....

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