shows in nashville.
man did we see a BAD show this week. Jackson was playing with a new guy (and Jackson ruled it, of course, but keep in mind that he is a self-proclaimed bass whore who will, 'play with anyone, no matter how embarrassing if the price is right.'), and man did that guy suck. he was sort of like Rob Zombie, but did not at all match the part. he looked like a regular dude, apparently he's from canada, and when that growling stuff starting coming out of his mouth, it was a bit of a shock. i was expecting something Totally different. not to mention we were at 12th and porter, and since when do they have really hard rock?

and here's the kicker- this guy Never introduced himself. not one word. nothing about, 'hi, i'm _____', didn't introduce the band, never said a name at all.
i Still don't know who he is.

temping, day 2- i broke the coffee machine. BEFORE i got some. nice.

hit on count- 1

stuff i broke- 1


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