belly laugh

this lol cats thing is getting out of control. some of them are so freakin' funny! James has always sent me good ones, but now i'm addicted. it's made me feel happier, if nothing else. when i get stressed, i look at 'em. and for the record, i'm in for the third interview, it's just a matter of scheduling. here we go! until then, it's funny cats. i love the ones that are invisible something (if you don't know what i'm talking about, google 'invisible sandwich' and 'invisible bike' and look for kitty pictures in the image returns). though, for the record, i believe cats to be intelligent enough to type and spell correctly. i'll post some at the end of this.

it was a beautiful, beautiful day in Nashville yesterday. and is due to be again today until it storms tonight. go outside! we had a lovely day yesterday, after i got done with my babysitting-a-13-year-old-boy weekend gig (yeah. that's right.), Josh and i spent a lot of the day out. we saw my mama and his mama and got to enjoy the air. and that fat cat was darting outside every chance she got to sniff the sweet smells. there is nothing like a beautiful day to make you feel better about life in general.

i just have to remember, god has always taken care of me, and this trial will be no different. it, too, shall pass.

hope everyone has a lovely week.


ps- also not Luna there.

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