is this thing on?

so, it's been a while since my last post for one very. good. reason.

petunia, my computer, bit the dust. hard. as in drive. that's right, the hard drive totally crashed, beyond repair, and i (and Josh for that matter) lost everything. i had the essentials backed up and have called in reconnaissance, but i'm still getting it all back together. petunia wasn't all that old, so i stil had all of the cds from the transfer from iris to petunia, but all new stuff (except for my book and the pin up show), including itunes stuff, is gone baby gone. so this is my first entry on tulip, named for the one out front that i managed to grow- who knew?! i usually kill everything i plant or attempt to grow if it's not morning glories. so i've spent much of the week getting everything back on here and organizing and tracking down what i can. and i've still got the catball pictures from the entries on here.

other than that, had dinner with Rito and Kari this weekend, played nintendo, worked out, and managed to Not get the cold Josh had.

good news though- i had a third interview for that job i wanted today. i think it went really well, and i finally got to meet the dude himself, who was quite impressive. we'll see what happens, but i am hopeful.


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