the state of tn has come to its senses- i got a letter today which said they have conceded that i have not returned to work and i am off the hook!! thank you, god! i know that i didn't return to work and i was right all along, but They didn't and their opinion in the matter is the one that counts. phew!

i hope i can use this good news as momentum to keep up the good attitude and surf into this job i want. for the record, the second interview went well, but they told me it could be a few weeks until i heard back. however- it's only been a week and some change, and if it was a no on the third interview, i think they'd have told me that much by now. keep 'em crossed, even though i know they're getting weak. as Lisa Simpson says, "i'm aware of the time." thanks for sticking this out with me, y'all.

if anyone sees my dad, give him some love. he and Glenda had to put one of their cats, Millie, to sleep. she had cancer and was 14 years old, so it was time. RIP.
there's not that much else going on... just looking and listening, and going to the gym. i did finally finish the purse i've promised to make for Grandma Bette for about a year now. and she loved it! and valentine's day was lovely. a certain handsome someone brought me some very yummy chocolate covered strawberries. and Josh's show on wednesday went really, well. thanks to all 'a y'all who made it out. i'll keep you updated on shows as they emerge. everyone seemed to enjoy it, and Josh was glad. also, thanks to all who remembered the fat cat's birthday. she was very pleased. she had some canned food and went outside for a little stroll. and a belly rub. ah, the life of LunaSneeze.

more catball!!



GangqinLaoshr said...

What's that big white blob? A tribble? Hope ya get the job Bails. Piano jess ain't kickin widoutcha.

We just had to put Bizet to sleep. Have you ever seen our sweetie? He's got his own site at The Poodle Zombie Zone. He had a diabetic seizure so we both felt it was time. Been on insulin for about 5 years. May he PIP (Play in Peace).

blindhope said...

oh, that's just mah fat girl....

sorry about Bizet. i know that must of been hard on the family. just remember doggy heaven! ham trucks every hour on the hour.

thanks for the hopezers. eventually i'll be able to uncross my fingers and start taking piano lessons again!!

Anonymous said...

Dude, pigs are people, too! If there's ham in heaven, it's tofu ham.

Medium's on tonight. What are you watching now that Sloan is dead?

blindhope said...

god can make ham without killing a pig! dogs know the real stuff from that pathetic tofu excuse for lunch meat.
i watch a lot of full house and golden girls. and project runway!! it rules- finale this week!!