it has been a very, very busy few days. i will try not to be too long winded.

last weekend was Nice. saw Roo, which was lovely and a long story, but totally wonderful, and i met the rest of her family, who were very warm. had dinner with my dad's side of the family christmas eve and saw Maggie and James who are in town (woo hoo!), and managed to catch quite a few oberlin peeps on the tele, as well as far away family members. i got a little ipod like i wanted, some $$, and a giant candy cane. that's right. it was very nice to see everyone, but a few of the usual suspects didn't make it.
and i ate a lot.

christmas day was a doozy. Grandma Bette called me at seven a.m. to tell me that she had to take Granddaddy to the emergency room at five. she then called me several more times to keep me updated until around 10, but then DIDN'T call to let me know anything else. calling worrywort gene! long story short, he had some complications from his kidney stone surgery last week, but the doctors said he'll be fine. but it seemed to have scared them somewhat, and i didn't see that side of the family for xmas at all. :( miss LunaSneeze got a catnip toy and a can of fancy feast (and yes, i tinged the side of her bowl with a fork) which she Devoured. we then drove to fairview and saw Josh's family, and Josh gave his friend Davy the funniest gift EVER. it was a game where you strap this plastic neon green brain to your head and nod or shake your head to answer questions it asks you. 'nuff said. i then drove to smyrna (yes, SMYRNA) to have dinner with Abbe and Bethie, which was so, so nice. we had a ton of fun and food. there were animal slippers involved. and sex and the city. oh, baby.
and i ate a lot.

we had a huge dinner with the Peakes last night. James gave me a planner for 08 handmade by anarchists. word. and Slice gave me d*%& in a box on dvd. Tinka went nuts, as usual. and i ate a lot.
yesterday i Finally made it back to the gym, which was of course closed on monday and tuesday. that Sucked. it's so hard to go back when you can't go. i do yoga at home, but i hate running outside, so my cardio was s.o.l.. today was much easier, but i'm still not used to the new pilates class. i also had to renew my registration for Sophia the kia today, but i tell you this- i made it from a dead sleep to the place and back in thirty minutes. no joke. i advise you all to do these things as close to 10 a.m. as possible, because that's when they have the least amount of traffic.

that's all i can recall at the moment. we have lots of new video games to play, and i have many new
books from friends to check out. woohoo!! here are some pictures....


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