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Best Part Productions is a Nashville based production company started by Chad and Trey McClarnon, and includes various collaborations with writers, producers, H/MUA, actors, editors, musicians, engineers, and yours truly as wardrobe/costumer/stylist. Chad, Trey, and I have worked together on several projects since knowing each other, including the short film "without."

(Official Trailer for "without" - a Chad McClarnon Short Film from Chad McClarnon on Vimeo.)

This film was originally part of the Nashville 48 hour Film Festival (during which teams write, shoot, edit, score, and fully create an entire short film in just 48 hours and compete to win various prices.). "without" won a prize for art direction, which includes my work as the costumer for the film! it was very exciting. further, i am actually in the film (and you can see me in the trailer) and was one of the writers.  Best Part also produced another short film called "A New Life," about a young, newly married couple, which includes my sweet bunny's work as a musician and engineer.

These films were made with the tireless dedication and immense talent of an incredible group of people who are dedicated to these films and to sharing our art with the world. We've dedicated our time and resources to pieces we believe in deeply- and with which we have something to say. Consequently, are currently running a kickstarter to fund submission fees for film festivals, which you can find here- http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1185022472/a-new-life-and-without-film-festival-run

I hope you'll be able to participate in our kickstarter, either by pledging or sharing this link with your networks. Your help is greatly appreciated!!


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